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stuart: if you want to risk your money, go for it. dagen: you would probably end up winning. thank you so much. behind closed doors. executives from apple, at&t, google and other tech giants in a meeting with president obama talking about the nsa and your privacy. and harkening back to a time when this dude, kevin costner, was starring in "the untouchables." and who wants these guys, blackberry wants to go private may be. the idea is catching fire. the matter of who wants to put the money down on this troubled cell phone company. and a quick fix for unemployment, energy, people. how we can get americans back to work and solve the energy problems in one swoop. that and so much more on this hour of "markets now." ♪
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dagen: so i did not fall and bust my you know what trying to sit down at the top of every show, so it has been a good week. let's start this hour with market stocks on track for another losing day. snapping the three-day winning streak yesterday, but heading south. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole: it has been a good week. i will celebrate with you. a successful week. i look at what we see on wall street down half of 1%. 15,422. a loss of about 82 points. we did snap the losing streak since yesterday. however still remains a losing week on wall street and in that case snap six straight weeks of gains. that being said, we have a slew of earnings in place, some have been wonderful, some have been
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real tough and disappointed wall street and a lot of movers. we want to touch on tesla motors. up over 350% this year. $154, hitting all of these record highs, doing so well with the model s. ramping up production. in addition they will have a crossover, so they have other vehicles in the pipeline, and this is one that really has grabbed wall street. there are lots of big movers, as you well know. dagen: thank you, nicole. ridiculously hot. from a hot stock to a hot topic, major technology companies executives you and with president obama behind closed doors over the controversy surrounding the nsa surveillance program at protecting your privacy. let's bring in fox news contributor jedediah and fox news contributor julie.
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good to see you both. don't worry, i will butcher your name. ladies, the irony of a very private meeting behind closed doors with these technology executives. why wouldn't you make it more public? >> his primary concern is to assure these executives that he is out to protect their rights and is not going to the government, the obama administration will not infringe on their privacy rights. it is out in the media, we read a lot of stories about it today. from the guy who always comes transparency, we had i seen much. it remains to be seen. dagen: you have been against it since the bush administration. do you think it is hurting him? if recena recent poll showed 30t it should be taken seriously as opposed to 26%.
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>> people want to feel they wants to be protected surviving 9/11. we have had this conversation where we disagree. i happen to think this is an absolute tragedy. an infringement on the constitutional rights and i have no problem doing what we need to do to prevent terrorism. that is why they are disgrace as well. you cannot start going and sifting through the e-mails without probable cause. to me that is just a violation. people are in jeopardy, we're worried about terrorism. but 9/11 is not an excuse to infringe upon our rights. >> a lot of these civil liberties advocate for barack obama. he would be their god. a lot of young voters. now feel betrayed. they don't have an ally, may be expected that in their mind from a republican administration but barack obama was the guy that
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would not infringe upon these rights. that is why he is during these meetings and still trying to defend himself. this is what we're doing, this is what we are not doing. dagen: the reputations of these companies as well. >> and their dealings with people overseas. absolutely. >> everybody can e-mail me, but i go on google, essentially i type something in and all of these ads pop up related to what i am typing. of course all of the data mining is being mined, it is infringing our privacy. dagen: that is one reason i thought this would not have the impact with the american people the way some people might think. it does dovetail going directly to edward snowden which goes to our relationship with russia which goes to him canceling the meeting with putin, and him getting ready to go off of vacation is coming weekend. every president deserves a vacation or more than one vacation.
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what is the biggest thing he needs to drive home? >> he will say whatever he needs to say to these tech companies, but nothing is going to change because i suppose every president has data and briefings we are not privy to. i'd rather have people upset with me then have another 9/11 on my watch, so nothing will change. it will be the same thing. ia disappointment. dagen: all the terror alerts and closings overseas. we ministration is giving away too much information to why they took these steps. >> there are a lot of unanswered questions. i have question about benghazi and what is going on with the nsa, and what barack obama's foreign policy really entails. what exactly are we doing with respect to these countries, with respect to russia, syria?
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the key is americans want answers and from the president who said i will be open with you and transparent, now is the time to get the answer. tell us why yo you're doing what you are doing and maybe people will be a little bit more forgiving. dagen: did he get any momentum, did he get any pop from where he is talking about housing which can come back to bite you in your you know what. >> people want barack obama to stop what around the country and talking about these issues, lock himself in a room and sit with republicans and democrats to focus on these issues. it would be significant lehigh or if we didn't have his people leaving the labor force so people are not satisfied. he talked a lot about compromise. they are not seeing it. somehow he will come in as well. the function's ball, got the highest rating. >> you talk to barack obama's
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pollsters. what you see is barack obama despite having a rating below 2%, the most pop the politician in the country. you need to have somebody beating you at your own game before people can get you. the problem is he is at around 47, 48%. all things equal, he is in pretty good shape. dagen: how long have you and i known each other? i am an idiot. so good to see you. said in february we would see in 1987 all over again. a crash, that is right. that was about six months ago, so what would trigger it? editor of the gloom, doom report. joining us from thailand. when will it show up? you don't have much time left.
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>> thank you for having me on. either direction would be coming right then, or we could have an 87 when the market rose, and then lost within two months, 40%. so i didn't say it would crash at that time, but i think that's technical underpinning of the market at the present time are poor. we had the high, with the s&p at 1687. we are now slightly above that level at 1693. but the majority of stuff have hit new highs. and in the last three days there were today's of which they were
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170 new lows. in other words, this is unusual step at the peak of the market, the market declined 10 points as you already have 170 new yearly low. i think what is worrying people is the increase in interest rates because each time in percentage terms integrate by a similar amount as we havee don't forget in december of 2012 the 10-year yield had gone from 1.46% to a high rate of 2.75%. this is almost 100% increase. this will show up in the housing market. i just looked at kb homes.
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down 34% already from its high. so, the market internally is not very strong. but the index has been driven by a handful of stocks that were very strong. dagen: in terms of gold, you are a fan. have you been adding on the way down, are you still as positive as you have been on gold? >> i like it what you are saying. you have been talking to too many who never owned an ounce of gold. you should say all right, you have been writing the bull market in gold since 1999 when gold was at $250,000. and in 2007 when the s&p hit a peak of 1576, we are not that
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far apart, less than 10%, gold was at $780. so in other words, 2007 we are up 70% or more in gold, so yes, i wrote it down from the peak in 2011, and actually i bought some gold at $1300 per ounce and again at $1200 per ounce, and i will buy more on the way down because i think we are at the mercy of a bunch of mad men, potential banks around the world, they're going to print and print and print. dagen: it was great to talk, talk, to talk to you. thank you so much for being a great sport. i wish you were here in person in the u.s. be well, we will check with you soon.
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blackberry going private, perhaps. the handheld maker with the idea the company could fix itself without the scrutiny of being a public company. but who would want to take this company private? it would have to be a buyer. blackberrlabor lost about a fifs value so far in 2013. all this after porsche blackberry smart phones slipped the market share slipped below 3% at about 3% now in fourth place behind google android apple and even microsoft operating system. blackberry declines to comment. u.s. tech companies could lose up to $35 billion. we will tell you why. disney ceo holding the fan festival in california. dennis kneale will have exclusive interview with him, sure to ask about that $190 billion bomb called "the lone ranger" and critics screaming hypocrisy with what
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dagen: that was impressive. talking with a second quarter for priceline. shares soaring. nicole. nicole: they are soaring. it got pretty darn close, right? as you noted, they had moved to a high of 94.98. priceline is stellar, up almost 60%. both priceline and orbitz worldwide yesterday gave out some numbers that were really impressive and wowed wall street, priceline talks with the fact they saw more bookings for rental cars, hotels, packages and the likes. the vacation world is going strong. continuing to generate a lot of revenue for them. dagen: and we are ready to make some money with charles payne.
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taking the security level to the next level. why are you looking at it? charles: one of these names, they missed the street, they missemiss the earnings numbers d gave mixed guidance. i think it is oversold. we are as something of a crossroads because they will be chasing a lot of stocks, let me look for something that is down but has the potential to turn around. the company has 1000 new customers for the six quarter in a row. taking market share in the space. lay the direction the market is going. it is a tough game to figure out when these guys turn around but i think it is overdone in an environment with 52, even all-time highs, sometimes want to find something that is not already up big. i wanted to weigh in. what happens after the 1980 crash?
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i never lived through a crash before. i went and got drunk halfway through the day. i came back to the office around the close. i kind of thought it was over. my clients are broke, i am broke, didn't realize it was beginning of an opportunity to make a lot of money. that may be the headline to brace yourself for the big crash what happened afterwards is really incredible. dagen: i asked did he write it all the way down and he left, so i wrote it all the way up. lot of individual investors time it wrong and they get it at the top because people are talking about it is going up, going up and then a 30% decline.charles:a bigger microphone 2008, 2009. lot of investors sold the market, 9000 points lower and loaded up on gold, a lot of people did. a little bit breaking even if they are lucky.
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we will be honest about this, the american public following the strategy of doom and gloom have gotten killed in the last five years. dagen: i want to do more than just sit with them and say you are so big in china. dagen: thank you so much. we will see you this weekend. fox news channel, and julie will be there. the ncaa pol pulling the heisman away from reggie bush for selling his autographs and then they went ahead and sold merchandise online. we will dig into that story. disney ceo at the fan festival in california, he will be talking with our dennis kneale in an exclusive interview. but dennis is here first. how the world currency is doing against the dollar. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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>> 24 minutes past the hour, this is your fox news minute. the u.s. is warning americans not to travel to pakistan, it is
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evacuating the nonessential personnel. u.s. officials the domestic and foreign terror groups are a threat to americans in pakistan. this latest evacuation is not related to the al qaeda threat that has resulted in the temporary closing embassies and consulates in 16 countries. firefighters me making progress in that wildfire in southern california mountains. the 16,000 acres blaze is now 25% contained. the fire has destroyed many homes. 16 workers from a county garage in ocean county, new jersey, will be splitting a third of the $448 million powerball jackpot. they will speak publicly next week that they could not be happier for them. one other winning ticket in new jersey, it was in minnesota. those are your headlines. dagen: i lose my mind when i win
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like $5 on a scratch ticket. >> did not go to the casino with me. i go crazy if the bells ring. dagen: we are going to connecticut, you and me. hwe'll never find us. the federal government spying on internet users can cost tech companies $35 billion according to a new report. elizabeth macdonald in the news from with the fallout from government spying. >> good to be with you. i get really excited when i see hit any kind of lottery number. this is a real eyebrow raising study. it is basically saying microsoft, google, facebook, any company in the u.s. that uses computing is losing contracts in coming years because guess what, european and asian companies are capitalizing on the spying going on in the united states.
11:27 am
here are some of the findings. one out of 10 of these companies have already canceled contracts with us-based computing companies, more than half, 56% said w they will not sign any contract whatsoever with us-based cloud computing companies. based in europe and asia. these guys are capitalizing the time of the u.s. spying program. a big official in the european unit says there are multibillion dollars consequences for american companies. if i was american class provider i would be quite frustrated with my government right now. the top german official in the german government, basically german interior minister says whoever fears that medication is being intercepted in any way should use services that do not go through american services. this is a new study that is really rattling the cages here
11:28 am
in the united states and raised a lot of eyebrows about what, but how companies overseas are capitalizing on the fallout of the u.s. spying program. back to you. dagen: the ncaa in the hot seat punishing athletes for selling autographs and doing the exact same thing just online. solving our nation's energy problem if done right can solve our job problem. details ahead. whawinners on the s&p today.
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dagen: the bottom of the l word. here is what is coming up on the markets now. set to talk with our very arnett dennis kneale about a whole array of topics. of course, the lawn ranger will be among them. after promising athletes for selling autographs concerts the n.c.a.a. now under fire for doing the exact same thing. shutdown. the business owner says he cannot tell you why. stocks now, monster beverage getting a jolt decide second quarter earnings. >> a lot to look out.
11:33 am
the other side, there have been all lunch issue and risks that goes along. the monster beverages up about two and a half%. they reported lower-than-expected quarterly profits. the stronger dollar was something that hurt them. legal costs also cutting into the numbers as well. but you can see that they are bucking the trend and this despite the fact that the numbers were a little weaker than what people were anticipating. that being said, you can see it is a winner. year to date it is also doing very well the smell of the worries about the health risks that may be involved if you drink one too many mostar beverages. dagen: thank you so much. the lone ranger is a big loser for disney. $190 million. that will be one topic that dennis kneale will surely cover in an exclusive interview coming up with the ceo of disney.
11:34 am
>> i am sure he is looking forward to talking about that. one of the biggest interviews in quite awhile. says a that large, a company that big, have no choice but to bet $300 million in a bed making and marketing? you have so many other businesses to feed. movies, dvd, cable channels, retail stores, toys, books, theme parks. can you only place huge bets like that? the disney channel which is probably the best launch pad and all of showbiz pizza. this channel has been amazing things. number one cable network, number one in kids ages two to a 11 just not enough nickelodeon after 17 years of leaders. number one and all kinds of categories. milliken our bills a franchise, team beach movie is an example premiere in june. watch with my daughter. that movie is the number two rated cable movie in cable
11:35 am
history. thirteen and a half million viewers. the sound track is in the top ten on billboard's. the dvd is on track to be that number one deviancy you release this year, and it shows you how you take one product and filter out and all those other businesses. when it works, it works huge. came out and start with an investment of a couple million, maybe ten and turned into a billion dollar business which is what disney is able to do. new efforts to do that with sofia the first. and frozen to. a big fan fest. thousands of people there. we have to see what they have to say about all of this. dagen: i like you more the you know so much about the disney channel because of your daughter >> apparently i was in destitute up until now, but i'm glad to have your approval. dagen: i'd like you. >> s&p 500 versus disney stock. oh, look, phineas inferred live.
11:36 am
what they will do today, every episode. i have wants dozens of them. they make nerds cool, and i would be in favor of that. anyway, s&p 500 stock, disney up 130% or so. s&p up only 40% or so during that same time disney returning triple the rise in the s&p 500, an astonishing record for any ceo in any business. dagen: one mistake for the all summer. that is the heaviest. it's not just the lone ranger. that was terrific. i liked you more. that it not sad like you. it was not a death threat. to clarify. i cannot wait for that interview the n.c.a.a. announcing it will discontinue selling star athlete jerseys on its website. the n.c.a.a. making the decision when it was faced with harsh criticism by propping up the players' names when the players
11:37 am
themselves cannot do the same thing. this all comes on the heels of texas a&m quarterback and heisman trophy winner under investigation by the n.c.a.a. for allegedly charging money for his autograph, getting some point for signing stuff. more businesses from the sports world, the wife of a major league baseball start striking a clothing deal. mlb sanctions children's clothing. paying for privacy. the e-mail service used by edwards snowdon shut down. now the owner of the services as as rights are being violated. the domestic answer to our energy problem and also to answer our unemployment problem. treasury, the 10-year yield. that's right. up ever so slightly. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise --
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>> rights above the federal reserve bank of new york. thirty years in prison. a government operation last fall when he drove a van he thought was loaded with explosives into a bank. ups will pay $120 million. misleading about the financial situation. sold nearly 1 billion.
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filed for bankruptcy in 2008. inventories fell two tenths of 1%. profits grew by four tenths of a percent. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power prosper. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you n take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. and launch your dreams. a artemilln twrs s of music is beare d 90milln doars e angi han onle. that whyp but a w kindf seer. onthat 80%mall. es 8 less energy.
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and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. join us at ♪ dagen: the e-mail service reportedly used bite in s a leaker edward snowden is suspending operations as it prepares to go to court against the u.s. government. peter barnes is in washington d.c. with what we do know. >> in a crib did a e-mail service. it shut down thursday.
11:42 am
a u.s. government investigation and the owner. he said he was forced to make a difficult decision. after significant soul-searching have decided to suspend operations. worse than i could legally share with you the events that led to my decision, i cannot. he goes on to talk of fighting this in court and suggests that this message suggests he might be under a gag order from the federal government. based in texas and uses encryption to prevent messages from being read by anyone other than the sender or recipient of u.s. law allows national security agencies to demand and receive messages and data with a court order. the service allegedly used to send a service to the human rights watch back in july. silent male has also shut down -- was also shut down by its owner on thursday.
11:43 am
top tech executives at the white house to the swiss national security council liberties, and privacy. apple ceo tim cook, randall stevenson, and vince serf. a white house official said the meeting was part of the ongoing dialogue the president has called for and how to respect the privacy well protecting national security in a digital era. dagen: i suppose if you want to talk to a protecting privacy you have a private meeting. maybe it is ironic. thank you. just how important is energy to our country? so important that it could hold the answer to solving our jobs problem. chief economist of by a gesture in this. job growth, i wonder why the administration and white house is not crowing more, but then it would raise issues about improving the keystone pipeline
11:44 am
which would create even more energy jobs right now. >> said think you are right that it is a bit of a puzzle why the administration is not saying more, although they have set some as you know. this is one of the brightest spots in the u.s. economy. ihs estimates that the energy related industry, not just energy itself, but all the ancillary industry created over one half million new jobs and we will probably see another one half million in the next five years. this is really good news. >> incredibly good news. where are these jobs being created? it is places like north dakota. you have to think about relocating. >> north dakota, texas, pennsylvania even. it is a spreading around.
11:45 am
another place where you are seeing jobs in the energy industry. then there is the so-called ancillary effects, people obviously i a lot of goods, cars, other things. and the goodies spread to the rest of the economy. it is not just in those areas. dagen: do you think that the government is doing enough to spur more job growth in the energy industry? are they getting in the way? i ask this related to the keystone pipeline. >> well, keystone is from canada into the u.s. it will have some but not that much. the key here is with the state and local government. clearly some have put a freeze on this kind of activity. the unconventional oil and gas. so some states are definitely getting in the way and there hopefully seeing the light at some point, but they're getting away.
11:46 am
dagen: with oil production running of the highest levels since the late 80's at this point, are those production numbers going to eventually translate into lower prices? >> well, as you know, it is a global market. so oil prices are to some extent affected by not only what happens in the u.s. but elsewhere. it will hhlp, no question about it. the bigger effect will be in terms of our tradeebalance, importing u.s. soil, exporting more. that will help us tremendously. it will be a real boost in terms of gross and so on. the price effect will be there, but there will be small relative to the employment our gdp. dagen: just beginning to see that trade impact. great to see you. have a terrific weekend. markets down triple digits.
11:47 am
all right. >> just trying to find out. it is friday. astronomers dollar, six straight weeks of gains. you are seeing accelerated selling. we see retail index to the downside. the drug indexes lower. bank stocks under pressure. the dow components that have been to the down side, including home depot, disney, johnson and johnson. so we are now moving into an obviously clearly losing week on wall street snapping six straight weeks of games. let's talk about the blackberry. last month the ceo, new product in the pipeline. also talked about the fact that there were turning around the company. certainly now we are hearing reports that they may consider going private. with that stock up four and a
11:48 am
half%. dagen: thank you. major league baseball strikes a deal with a player's wife. that's right. in business with the league. sea will tell you what she is up to coming up next. winners today on the nasdaq. ♪ the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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dagen: major league baseball is joining forces with the wife of new york yankee star ccc by the it's a lot see can become as signature line of children's athletic apparel and clothing.
11:52 am
year of looking amazing. our. >> thank you. dagen: blonde away. so good to see you. how did you hook up with major league baseball? clearly you have an edge i call. but the 13 years now. i call a friend at mlb, and he said after talking to me for good couple of hours and hearing about my brand and what was missing and he said, you know what, i think this might work in the u.s. simply that might be interested. that may make it through -- a few phone calls. they do many different sports but already have a distribution choice. they'll love the idea. dagen: the age goes up to what? >> we have little baby ones he's
11:53 am
an extra-large boy. my kids actually range. i have four. my oldest is nine, big for his age. he is still mommy's baby. so he wears the 14. dagen: how you came up with this idea as busy as you are. being a wife. also raising four children. what did you watch at something else so the pledge? >> somebody else says to me that. we have our foundation which i am executive director of. but after the years it was the pink and the blue. i realize that mlb was missing what my kids wanted, the fun, glitter cobbling, the accused killers. i knew that was missing. with those ideas i was able to form --
11:54 am
dagen: what about ladies? still with all athletic apparel i think that there is an edge. there is something missing in terms of women and closed. >> so many fans, the female, male. the pregnant mom that is still a sports fan, so many different ones, but right now is my passion. i love them and see them in a clothing line. it is adorable. i am happy with just closing the kids for now. dagen: your husband is having as so-so season. what do you do to boost him out? >> for years now a a game or a bad game, he comes out and he is still that. the other day we were talking about it. he has been doing this for years. he knows. he's added. so he was having just a little downside. you would get back up. he had a great game on wednesday
11:55 am
. i think a little bit. dagen: how many home games or even away games? >> i travel a lot. you know, with four kids i have realize that sometimes we don't get that one on one time so a lot of times, we plan where we bring one or just the girls. we just got back from san diego with the girls. california. number. in so we were able to bring the kids to san diego. a lot of family came down. we separated. travel and go to a lot of games. i'm his biggest cheerleader, so i am there. dagen: good luck. great to see you. please come back. and coming up, that can't miss interview that dennis kneale will do with the ceo of business -- disney. who will say and who will go? our summer time showdown to
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♪ >> a, and tracy. >> endo and dennis. disney's stock near all-time highs. despite kicking it up to 190 million in losses on its latest flop, the lone ranger. disney chairman and ceo have been the exclusive interview with them on as many of dome's strategy. tracy: tell them we love to team b movie. with adelle on top for its first weekly loss from of the worry is that stocks are overvalued. we will put that question to our panel. the base of in this final battle of around one of us fox business
12:00 pm
summertime showdown. this is where someone will cent. helping you make money all along dennis: an e-mail company choosing to shut down rather than provide details about in s a leaker edwards noted mail account. is your e-mail safe? peter barnes investigates. tracy: time for stocks. >> reporter:. one of those names to the downside. the debt does industrials, over the last hour. when we talk to traders they look to things that seem so obvious such as the stronger dollar, a tired market, six straight weeks of gains. take some profits here. so profit-taking as well. that being said, you see down
12:01 pm
arrows and there is nothing to drive this market dramatically lowered. on the contrary, you have had a mixed bag. we continue to watch. a great week for names like groupon and orbitz worldwide. so many names that really have outdone themselves. ipos that we have watched. the ticker symbol, an online marketing. a mixed bag. tracy: people tell me to hand out. it is quite early. so that will affected as well. to some extent. >> udc lighter trading volume. it may be a little more lackluster. however, there is still a lot to
12:02 pm
watch. i keep an eye on the 10-year as well. >> we will see you in 15 minutes. dennis: well, talking with the sec tried to settle the investigation into the london will trade that cost the bank more than 6 billion. they want to bring civil charges and extractor rare admission of wrongdoing which would set an important precedent for the sec. they neither admitted nor denied . tracy: trading done this by reports the company may be taken private. reporting chief executive, the company's board is increasingly coming around to the idea to give the farm a little breathing room. is easier to go bankrupt when you are in private. on the heels of an blackberry smart fossil isn't the fourth place contacted by a fox business blackberry and declined to comment.
12:03 pm
sixteen workers from this county, a small new jersey coastal community hit hard by superstar and sandy. splitting the winnings from one of three tickets. that power bought jackpot. each worker is expected to get about 3 million after taxes. not too shabby. dennis: it's says a stock is up an impressive 135%. of the s&p 500 up only 43 percent of the same time which mean disney is up only three times as much as the s&p. an astonishing record for any ceo. churning me now and at fox business exclusive, chairman and ceo of disney from the disney brand best marks. it notes * tv.
12:04 pm
you look good. three days ago and have fans a looking into not just a great heritage but this company and what it means to all of these fans, but a look to the future, a peek behind the magic of all of our businesses from theme parks to television programs to our animated films, live-action dellums and so on. very, very exciting. the third time we have done this tens of dozens of people. dennis: of wall street analysts in sight. lone ranger, disney put all of 300 million to making and marketing it. does it turn out that disney is so large a company with some many other businesses to feed that has a choice but to make huge bets on big projects like
12:05 pm
this because you have to be thinking about toys and tvs and of the other ancillary businesses. >> i would not put it that way. we have a choice. our decision to make films. we don't have to come above for the most part it is a lie is that for this company. first of all, you have an incredibly crowded marketplace, very competitive, not only for motion pictures, with the people's entertainment times and standing. so many messages that the public is being bombarded with. we feel that when you take a high-quality brand films and invest a lot in it, but the creative entities that make the pump and the marketing of among goes on to the screen that it has a better shot for the most part of rising above and attracting an audience. yes, as you mentioned, they do have, for this company, added value in that when they succeed we can leverage the success across businesses. a theme park is one great
12:06 pm
example, but certainly the consumer products business in television and games and publishing and so on. we don't second-guess our temporal strategy and all. we have disappointing results from time to time. ran not trying to alter our strategy. dennis: the disney channel may be the best launch pad. the perfect example of the contracts the bill these franchises. 100 tons of the u.s. it is the number one or number two cable channel of all kinds for the past seven years. >> an incredibly important launch pad. but only did they create a lot of great original programming not just here in the u.s. for export around the world, but
12:07 pm
markets around the world. we also create things like teen beach movie which is in no way akin to what we did with a great high-school you eat musical franchise. they kind of transcend that our form because they become not always so popular that they become part of a culture. pretty excited about the results . dennis: second-highest, disney channel. i had that one wrong. the number to of all time and cable industry. they get sucked into a 1960's beach blanket bingo typo's spell. a million views. the billboard top ten some track. number one dvd releases.
12:08 pm
that is pretty impressive. and they have sophia the first, a hot new series for 5-year-old. >> via the first is part of will recall disney jr. it's on channel and multiple markets including here in the u.s. has been unbelievably successful . mickey mouse club house. programs like that. dennis: the premier of sofia the first. the number one table -- cable tv telecast in history of kids ages two to five. also you have the music storybook, consumer-products. is there a formula that you try to replicate with every single character or is a different one for each character?
12:09 pm
>> it is a different formula for each character. you have to start out with a great character and put it in great stories. unless you have that you can't do the kind of things they use such a debt we have done. but, when we tell a great story like sophia the first and create a great character or a world that people deserve to be in, the success can be enormous globally across some many platforms. a very, very interesting world today for content creators. so many new ways to reach people and so many ways for people to reach us and explore and enjoy this great intellectual property. while the most exciting times and has ever existed and media, and i am only sorry that i am not 40 years under to enjoy a more. tracy: i up -- dennis: i bet your shareholders are as well.
12:10 pm
disney channel, you guys essentially regular advertising. that is one reason i want to channel more. it's packed with ads. how much money are you leaving on the table and not bringing in because you will must go to a traditional advertising model. 100 million, half a billion? >> i have never seen an estimate. the disease channel formula works for our audience and distributors. we did pay a subscription fee that takes into account the fact we do not sell ads. it is a slight premium and is something that parents like yourself have enjoyed because it does not have of those commercial interruptions. we think that works. every once in while we corona version of selling more ads are putting ads on, but it never feels quite right because if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. this certainly is not broken. we also believe --
12:11 pm
dennis: commercials for other disney shows and products which is nice and insular. >> there is an exclusive sponsor that is disney. we like that position. dennis: now let's move on to disney games and on-line digital because you are kind of lagging behind. not as far as you want to become a shut down operations, would not come as a new push for a game approach of will allow kids to design their own games, mix and match from different areas. wind is that fully role of? is it too complicated to become a hit? >> it is a complicated business, not only a lot of competition, but technology is behaving differently right before our eyes. this setting migration from the consul's base of immobile the mobile employee forms of today really have become the primary game platform.
12:12 pm
that does not mean that the council cannot be popular and successful, but it is a different world. we have had our fits and starts in this business and think we are due for a hit. we believe that it is infinity. across platforms, meaning all of the big consuls from the sunny said microsoft. mobil and i/o s lodging and august 18th. much across the board. it may take a few days. we really believe in this mostly because we think is great can play for the consumer. first of all it creates an interesting world but the first time you take it is the characters and match them up. so it can all be in the same world and is designed because that is how kids play. they get to the toy box and makes immense.
12:13 pm
you can have, if you play with toys. not that long ago i was one of those. the takeout your jack sparrow from your total tax and years solely from a year mosses and you put it together and play with them. dennis: three-dimensional figures. you can actually take the character has slotted into some kind of plugger something which opens up extra possibilities in the game. >> you are great at describing technology. great. it comes with a peripheral that plugs into the council and basically is just the pad. you get characters with the game, bonds that come as a pack when you buy the game and then you put it right on top of this pad or peripheral. it reads the fact that it is there and automatically adds a dimension of game played that a
12:14 pm
standard consol experience does not offer. tracy: we will move on to the next topic. never use the word peripheral. reviving mickey mouse. eighty-five years old. sprucing amount put these fizzle shorts. >> you cut out for a second. 50 million viewers. >> created as everyone knows by walt disney. debuted in 1928 which is incredible when you think that 85 years ago this character was created in today that character is the number one character in the world which is just incredible. we aim to continue to keep make the front and center and as popular and as beloved as he has been since world created him as steamboat willie back in 1928,
12:15 pm
which is hard to believe. we have done is done to some of our great animation artists in disney's television and give them a crack at portraying mickey in new ways, slightly different the autistic the. new world's in telling stories that are short form because today it is really short. putting them out, making 20 originals, putting them out. a fine line on the disney channel and have already become incredibly popular. and you have a great character but you tell great stories, and they are just fine. tracy: it must be shocking to see that old appearance rather than the three dimensional computer animated. that was fantastic, chairman and ceo. have a great time. we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. tracy: my kid would be so jealous. we watch every single show.
12:16 pm
that is the character you were talking about. and farm. good luck. i don't even get to watch -- tracy: a lot more than big brother. i got to tell you. shares soaring. will it be a thousand dollars stock? dennis: 16 workers may choose to equate. how much each of them will take, and that power ball lottery winnings. as we do every day at this time, let's look at energy. ♪ right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
12:17 pm
a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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12:20 pm
he continued to insist upon the ouster of the current ceo. pretty much done with it couple but the fact he let questions come in and serve as the chairman. under pressure, to balance on the idea that they're making changes the holiday season is coming up and there really has been fun. fast-moving california wildfire. a latest on the damage caused ahead in europe to one minute. dennis: and william shatner making even more money as stock goes up big. charles breaks it down for us ahead. ♪
12:21 pm
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tracy: you know, it's time to make some money. shares of priceline stock -- soaring after posting strong second quarter. >> so much fun.
12:25 pm
i know you guys, on the high wire. priceline might be ready to fall. the timing could not have been more wrong. these guys are absolutely store -- soaring. everything you could look at. all the businesses went up coming even domestic business. ironically enough international. dennis: did you just a gross margins were 82%? >> 82% to. >> that is extraordinary. less than 5%. >> 82%. 8 billion in gross profits. over one came from outside america. tracy: this is a global player. it would have thought. >> an amazing global play. overseas. international business.
12:26 pm
where we thought the economy was dying. a good view of the polls point. the one thing that bothers me, corporate america. upper first quarter. tracy: have a good weekend. dennis: a cornerstone of the bullish case. now trading at the highest price to earnings ratios since 2009, does the chief arguments still stands? program competitors. what do you say? they look a little rich.
12:27 pm
bonds have not been great. stocks are still okay. rates are backing up a little bit. it's the highest in the past four years. it's not that high evan m. priest. >> the overall market call is something that to many people focus on. it's about finding the right stocks. grabbing headlines and the tension is a difficult thing to do and not what most investors are focused on in my opinion. >> supposed to be a predictor. it is all because this this
12:28 pm
souffle not based on may thing real. that is the same story that we heard with qe1 and qe2 and now qb in vanity. stocks are overvalued and earnings compress and we see lower stock prices was just has not happened. the fed has done a lot of work. the market has done a lot of work in the face of the fed. the bond market has. but there is still a ways to go and i think stocks again on a relative valuation are attractive. dennis: last time stocks are up in this area we are on the brink of a huge miltown. >> no, i don't. the economy, the underlying core foundation.
12:29 pm
he can deliver a stronger economy. dennis: thanks for that nice dollop of hope. focus sell longer term. spinks you. leave it now. we will see who will advance to the next round of talks this summer time showdown. the finals of round one. does your e-mail safe? we will investigate next. my mantra?
12:30 pm
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at&t mobile share for business. ♪ dennis: disney taking up to $190 million loss on "the lone ranger." and this was an interview, disney chairman and ceo tells me it will not change the way the company operates. >> while we don't second-guess our strategy at all, from time to time that this witty results. "the lone ranger" is one of those. we will not alter our strategy. dennis: they're bringing back mickey mouse. more ahead on that. and in e-mail company chooses to shut down rather than provided details about nsa edwards noted account. details coming up. and who will stay and who will go? the finals of the summertime
12:34 pm
showdown coming up. and more backlash. the e-mail service used by the fugitive edwards noted is suspending operations as they prepared to go to court against the u.s. government. peter barnes has the very latest. peter: the encrypted e-mail service that shut down thursday pending because the u.s. government investigation, the owner wrote on his site he was forced to make a difficult decision as he put it saying after significant soul-searching i have decided to suspend operations. i wish i could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. i cannot. that suggests he may be under a government gag order. uses encryption to prevent messages from being read by anyone other than the sender or the recipient but u.s. law allows intelligence agencies to demand and receive those messages with a court order.
12:35 pm
they allege they were the service used to send a message to human rights watch in july. a second private e-mail service days in maryland was also shut down by its owner on thursday for similar concerns. all this comes as president obama met with top tech executives at the white house on thursday to discuss national security, civil liberties and privacy. including apple ceo tim cook, at&t ceo and google computer scientist, a white house official said the meeting was part of the ongoing dialogue the president has called for and how to respect privacy while protecting national security in a digital era. dennis: the government shut you down and you are not allowed to talk about it. thank you, peter barnes. cheryl: were going to bring former national security advisor to vice president dick cheney, steven yates joins us from idaho falls.
12:36 pm
can you comment on what dennis just said? this is crazy. we shut it down and we will not tell you why. >> there are many bill issues on this. if counterterrorism issues, if we have an impending attack, we need a rapid research. we don't want to have a lot of delays getting access to the counterterrorism that may have shared. we are not dealing with a care iterrorism instance. they sign a lot of things when they go on but i do not consent to giving away a lot of their information. dealing with a major internet age problem, dealing with a government problem and a bill of rights issues are not detected sufficiently. cheryl: yesterday we get general keith alexander coming out to say the way to fix this is to get rid of the staff, 90% gone, we will use the cloud so we
12:37 pm
don't have people leaking information to the public. is that the way to do this? >> there are a couple of things about the statement that baffle me. i don't understand how moving to the cloud with less supervision would protect the system is better or civil liberties better. the other part of it that baffles me somewhat is there is human error in hiring snowdon, and the process of giving him more management afterwards. moving to the cloud does not get into any of the human error problems that le lead to stabily to disclose information. cheryl: how would you solve this problem? >> the human error problems are solved better by human solutions. we need better management and oversight of these programs and the technology. i don't think giving it over to the computers and the cloud we have mistakes made by people, that is what needs to get fixed.
12:38 pm
cheryl: thank you for sharing your thoughts. >> thank you. dennis: our fox business summertime showdown is next. duking it out in a fight for stock fixing .mac picking supremacy. don't miss it. ♪ [ cows mo] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with papermoney to test-drive the market. ♪ all on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. and this pk is the inside of youbody. see, the special psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels. and that gelling hes to lower some cholesterol.
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>> wholesale inventories falling falling in june for the third straight monthly drop. all sales grew. it could lead to restocking and manufacturing production coming months. boeing and is he on airlines are being sue super negligence by te families over the deadly san francisco crash of asiana flight 214. more than 180 injured in the july 6 flight crash. more proof on the housing recovery. average single-family home now $1 million, last time that was true in california is county was back in 2007 just before the housing crash. that is very latest on the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting.
12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
dennis: it is a fox business "summertime showdown." it is all about me. cheryl is out and i am taking over. every friday we have put two stock pickers against each other with two picks each. now we are bringing them back to see whose picks performed better. david against scott. you gave us your picks in mid-july, start with david, you pick mcdonald's, how do you feel about that one? >> i still like the stock, 12% compounded annually over the past decade, i think that will continue. dennis: you pick the financial etf, how do you feel about that one? >> pretty awesome. it was like a makeup pick. i have not liked financials for
12:43 pm
years on end. it has served me pretty well. dennis: what would happen first in the financials. isn't there lots of fear they are wobbling? >> you would think so. capital levels are pretty decent and the rates going up will be a big help for the banks in the future. dennis: i thought banks enjoyed the spread with rates cheap they can put profit on top of that. it helps the bank in the shorter term? >> they are borrowing at zero and lending to you and me at three, four, five, 6%. it is a great business. dennis: western digital, and off the old name in text, how do you feel about that topic? >> it is a great stock trading at a discount implying it will decline by 30, 40%, very high returns on capital growing from data and computer uses to make it more valuable. dennis: is this an accusation
12:44 pm
waiting to happen or are they too big for that? >> i don't think you can rule anything out, it is a great business. the level of cheapness were talking about would be a good move. dennis: lastly, stocks, how do you feel about that one? >> awesome again. we have been going steady for a couple of years in our portfolios. even though the economic data has been weak, consumers are spending money this summer. dennis: they have not truly come back. we have mcdonald's down almost 3.5% in the past month while scott's financials have been up less than 1%. western digital down to an .5% in the past month and lastly xly
12:45 pm
still up. maybe it is obvious who is going to be ahead on the averages. david down 3%, scott, not up much, but a win is a win. the winner is scott. david trainor, good game, sir. but this is a game for you, david. you bet you would sing loser at bluebird café. america can judge if you have a budding music career on your hands. you are no loser, baby. scott, you will be moving on in the competition. up next in the summer is ending and so is round one. kicking off next friday, scott you are coming back to battle robert luna. you're going to want to see how it comes out.
12:46 pm
cheryl: exciting. on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what is exciting about this to me is closing the week lower, he basically told me i was crazy to believe it had anything to do with taper talk, so what happens next week? >> next week we have walmart earnings big on the retail front, july retail numbers which i don't expect much out of those, mortgage applications, and the cpi at the end of the week. everybody on vacation. unless one of those is a complete explosion off the chart, i don't expect much of a reaction in either direction. i still think too much weight placed on qe3. cheryl: looks like we will not have a lot to talk about next week if it will be that quiet. it has to be quiet today friday in the summer. dennis: it is amazing the appetite investors, equity investors have.
12:47 pm
to me, that is a very bullish sign. cheryl: thank you. dennis: oil is soaring today at the pits of the cme and phil flynn. phil: what is friday without volatility, yesterday pushing toward $102 per barrel, today 106. what's changed from early yesterday? part of it is technical, part of it is strong demand stories. we got a lot of reports around the world there could be supply issues in other places. another interesting story came out from the energy information that china is actually going to beat the united states the world's biggest oil importer in a couple of months. another sign of the revolution. on top of this, going to the weekend a lot of talk of high alert all over the country.
12:48 pm
oil traders are on high alert as well, friday oil is up big. dennis: what about gold? every time i see it fall below 1300 handle, i want to buy some, but i never do. >jeff: we have seen minors acros the globe talk about cuts unlike anything we have seen it probably 20 years giving us underlining support. of course how is the world going to act in the global market when the federal reserve is talking about tapering. higher interest rates, that is the interest going forward. it may be a bowl sign over the long run because once you have the initial selloff you will have a lot of physical buying come back into the market. dennis: thann you very much, phil flynn. have a good weekend. disney bringing back the mouse. for a mice was an interview with
12:49 pm
bob eiger ahead. cheryl: and the sequel to "sharknado." we will be right back. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's oine banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine.
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12:52 pm
dennis: disney chairman and ceo telling fox business the company isn't going to change the so-called strategy despite taking a loss on "the lone ranger." exclusive interview, telling me the mouse house is bringing back the mouse. >> what we have done, we have gone through some of the great animation artists this case and disney television and we gave them a crack at her trying mickey in new ways, and new
12:53 pm
worlds, telling stories that are short form because short form is very short. making 20 o 20 original's, i be. dennis: 50 million viewers have seen him on the disney channel. also online and on the disney cap where they have seen the other businesses, tracy. tracy: from the 5000 submissions on twitter, they have chosen their title for the sequel to the viral tv movie "sharknado." that is, is cracking me up. some of the possibilities were "sharkalanche," "the sharkening," and the winner, short and to the point, "sharknado the second one." dennis: a perfect example of high bad film film helped by twitter and the internet can become bad is good.
12:54 pm
tracy: i have not it, have you? dennis: i have not, i saw the clips, the most important one. plus he is inside and saws his way out of it. it is a bad film. tracy: what is the fascination with sharks? tracy: isn't it in the middle of shark week? they had a dead shark on the train coming to new york. tracy: i don't get that. tracy: great interview with iger, by the way. dennis: i put him on page one of the journal, put him on the cover of forbes in early 2000 we asked him to go alone. he said i am not crazy, i am not going cover alone. he has been doing a pretty good job. hollywood originally dismissed this guy as unoriginal and knew nothing about storytelling. almost there to prove hollywood
12:55 pm
wrong. tracy: we need one or two more. dennis: outperforming the s&p by triple, that is extraordinary. bargain shopping. whether there are any cheap stock deals to have. tracy: adam and lori will introduce you to a star startup business that had employees working and living under one roof. oh, my god. dennis: not it, who would want to take the smart chip maker private. that is next.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
dennis: so you know that interview with bob iger, i will be doing that across a network for much of the day. truly an impressive job they do taking one franchise and moving
12:59 pm
it and do all these businesses. starting with a movie and then -@cable, dvd, video games and ts and books. of course it plays these huge bets like $300 million to make a movie like "the lone ranger" and when it goes south it is a big flop and people kill you for that. tracy:'s been off the characte characters. that is really cool. dennis: lori and adam. lori: he said nobody explained technology better than you. spot on. adam: and i am glad you asked him the questions about "the lone ranger." lori: good afternoon, i am lori rothman. adam: i am adam shapiro. new talk about blackberry going private than in their shares higher, but now the question, who will step up and pay up?
1:00 pm
lori: time to take profit and run. the first weekly loss in seven weeks. the rising concern that stocks are overvalued. adam: ready for a getaway or get away on business? expecting prices to rise this year, we will check in with the world's largest online travel company, expedia. lori: sometimes it may seem like you live at the office, but what if you really did? coworkers cohabitating and all, the l.a. startup keeping business under one roof. we have a selloff on the way, folks. the flow of the new york stock exchange check in with nicole petallides for the first time this hour. making the weekly winning streak. nicole:) six straight weeks of gains, today it is a down day, like the other most of the days have seen on wall street since yesterday.

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